cart add service

Cart Add Service Frequently asked questions

How does your service work?
We will add the desired release to your cart on your behalf. You simply login and complete checkout.

When should I start checking my cart?
Start checking a minute after the release. Provide us with your twitter name for direct message alerts of in-cart success.

How much time do I have to checkout?
We believe you have about 2 to 3 minutes to begin the checkout process before the item is removed from your cart.

Can you add multiple releases to the same cart?
Simple answer is no. If you would like a full explanation contact us.

I don't see the item in my cart?
Log out, log in, and check cart.

I didn't see a number indicator on my cart when I log in, does that mean nothing is in my cart?
Not necessarily, simply click on your cart to confirm, before performing the logout/login/check cycle.

Can I checkout from my phone?
Indeed you can. We suggest learning the layout of the mobile website for an easier experience.